How is Toy Whisperer unique?

Toy Whisperer

illuminates tips and tricks for parents as they search for

the right tool to stimulate their kids’ development

in many different areas:

. . . . . . intellectually

. . . . . . emotionally

. . . . . . socially

. . . . . . physically

Who Is Rene Yapp?

Our founder is an educator who has over 30 years of experience in working with children in schools, daycares, and other circumstances.  

Rene scours the internet looking for innovative toys, but more importantly . . . .

she provides advice to guide the decisions made by parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends of children.


Rene has been an educator of kids from 2 to 18 years old with over 3 decades of experience. She has 3 degrees: BA, BEd, and MEd as well as numerous additional qualifications in many different areas: Primary Specialist, Computer Specialist, ESL (English as a Second Language, Reading, Mathematics, Special Education, and others.

She is the proud recipient of a National Teaching Award in Canada – The Prime Minister’s Award for Mathematics. Science and Technology.

Rene Yapp

Over the years she has spoken at conferences and penned 3 curriculum books for teachers.

Most recently, Rene taught grade 1 students to read and worked with individuals who had severe behavioral issues for 4 years in a unique setting in a classroom, situated off school property.

Currently, she remains active in the profession by sharing her knowledge about the right resources for learning.

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