Are you the Easter Bunny for a Toddler?

Today Easter is less about chocolate and more about thoughtful gifts with an Easter bunny theme. So if you are the Easter bunny for a toddler, you need to look for appropriate gifts without adding to anyone’s candy habit.

toddler making Easter eggs out of play dough. The Easter Bunny brought toys instead of chocolate.
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Is Candy OK for Toddlers?

In case you were wondering, how much candy is ok for 2 year olds?

“There’s no (government) guideline limit for children under the age of 4, but it’s recommended they avoid sugar-sweetened drinks and food with sugar added to it“, as outlined by the National Health Service in the UK and “children aged 4 to 6 should have no more than 19 g of free sugars a day (5 sugar cubes)”.

It is shocking that “a single Creme Egg contains 26.5g of sugar,” more than the dailiy limit of sugar, according to Mrs. Mummy Penny.

So, you are promoting healthy living for your child by skipping the candy and finding other ideas for Easter gifts.

Easter Bunny Alternatives

Easter Bunny, Story Book and Bib: Combine three different gifts for your toddler’s first Easter.

This bunny is perfect for a cuddle The title of this hardcover, soft touch book is “I Love My Mommy”. The story is likely to become a favourite read at bedtime. The bunny bib is perfect for dress up time at gran’s for Easter dinner.

My First Easter Basket Playset

All items are made out of soft material, for your toddler to handle comfortably. Your special person can fill the basket and then dump it for a surprise.  The bunny rattles, the egg crinkles and the chick chirps!

Surely this adorable set for a first Easter will become a prized keepsake as your son or daughter grows up.

Musical Toy Eggs and Hen Basket: Your toddler will discover 6 different songs – one for each of the eggs. You will recognise The Wheels on the Bus, ABC song and others. The hen and basket also encourage color matching. The blue egg shell fits on the blue chick.

The basket also encourages a tidying up habit as your son or daughter places the shell on the chick and then into the right spot in the basket. Use the handle to carry the toy from spot to spot. Mom and dad will be happy that the volume can be turned down on this toy.

Chicken Booty Chase

In Chicken Booty you need to dance, hop and rock and roll to spill your eggs to your friends. Then is it an egg collecting race to see who wins the round.

This is a very active game in which you are the chicken who lays the eggs. Your friends collect the eggs and sees who will be the next chicken. Points are collected in every round.

Quack Along Ducks

This Easter version of a tried and true toys is a bit hit with toddlers who have just learned to walk.

What can be more fun than having mother duck and her 2 babies follow you everywhere you go. Their cheerful quacking is an added feature of the toy.

Easter Coloring Book

While some people feel that coloring book can be detrimental, there are other folks who use them wisely to promote relaxation in what might otherwise be a hectic environment.

Pull out this theme coloring book at Easter dinner to settle all for quite conversation at the dinner table. Separate the pages if you have several kids at your table, so all can enjoy.

Large Easter Bunny: Announce the Easter season every year by placing the bunny in a prominent place. This will help your toddler realize the passing of time as you set up the bunny and then take it down when the season is over.

This inflatable figure can be set up outside or inside. It has anchors to secure it to your lawn if you choose to put it outside. Your son or daughter will look forward to seeing it year after year.

Plush Duck Back Pack This is only one of many in a series of animal buddy backpacks.

After Easter take your new friend to daycare or school to share with your classmates. Tell them about all of the fun you had searching for all of the great surprises that the Easter Bunny left for you.

Bunny in the Box

With very young infants, you will need to turn the handle to surprise your baby. And with toddlers you may need to help stuff the bunny into the box to tuck in the ears.

Every toddler loves to play peek a boo. This jack in the box will bring squeals of laughter as your son or daughter winds it up for a surprising arrival of the bunny.

People in an Egg for your LEGO kits

A variety of people to coordinate with your existing lego kits will inspire drastic play. And this package comes with colourful Easter eggs to make them into a holiday surprise. Be aware that the people need to be constructed. Each comes in a small bag with all of the pieces.

Although these figures are not official lego people, they do co-ordinate with lego blocks. Many toddlers will be able to put the people together themselves.

Easter LEGO: egg hunting

Kids will have fun playing the Easter bunny as they hide their eggs in three different locations.

Keep with the Easter theme with this LEGO set. Combine them with other LEGO pieces for even more fun. Yes, the magnifying glass for the child figure is real.

Counting Chicken: The Counting Chicken helps your toddler learn many concepts. First there is hand eye co-ordination as your toddler needs to place the eggs into the slot. Your toddler will hear a challenge about a number and them will search for the correct egg to insert into the chicken.

This is one in a series of learning toys that reviews colors, numbers and shapes. One negative aspect is that it may be hard for your toddler to get the eggs out to start again. They may need your help with that part of experience.

Matchup Egg Carton: This toy has an appeal on many different levels. It is in the same shape of an everyday item that is seen in the kitchen. But the surprise is that the eggs are a shape puzzle. Often toddlers like to roll the eggs around or chase them as they wander down the hallway. It is a versatile toy. You can also play making breakfast too.

There are 12 eggs included in the carton. If the matching is difficult for your toddler, give them only 3 eggs and then increase the number of choices as they become more familiar with the shapes.

Animal Puppets: Expand on the Easter them to include other puppet animals, perfect for toddler size. These puppets are not made for adult hands and they do not have opening mouths.

But they are perfect for your toddler who will put them on and take them off easily as they engage in dramatic play. There is no need to worry about moving the mouth, either.

Egg and Chick Wooden Puzzle: Match the colors of the chick with the colors on the eggs. Your toddler will need to move the pieces too match the puzzle shape.

If the activity is somewhat difficult, start with only 2 eggs and chicks and then increase the numbers so that your son or daughter is successful.

I Spy Easter Book: Spend some time with your son or daughter looking for details in the book with the Easter theme. There are 48 pages of different activities to keep your child interested

It is made for kids form 2 to 5 years old. After Easter put this book away and bring it out again a year later for more fun. You will be amazed at the growth in your son or daughter.

Think outside the chocolate!

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